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starry-eyed (adjective):

  1. holding an object, target, or prospect in a naïve, overly-favourable light.
  2. possessing dreamy, utopian, and/or optimistic thinking to the exclusion of all negative qualities.
  3. acting as befits a fan toward the focus of one's obsession or adoration.

Starry-Eyed is a collective of sites and articles pertaining to collectibles of all types. These are the things which currently hold my interest.

Sites in the collective

Save the mermaids -- collect the whole set
My motto has always involved "save the mermaids -- collect the whole set", even buying things simply because there is a mermaid on the label. My brand is what is because I am mermaid obsessed.

There are actually people more obsessed with mermaids than I am, though. Shocking, I'm sure. Those who dream of having a tail can and do make their dreams come true by buying or making their own mermaid tails, and even swimming "in tail". You too can tap your inner mermaid with the hobby of mermaiding, or even go pro as a mermaid performer.

the mermaid's tale
Until a couple of years ago I had a book shop on Amazon called The Mermaid's Tale.

The shop is now closed, but I reprised the name for a site about collecting books. This site fuels the reviews on all my other sites. Sometimes I feel like I'm collecting book reviews though, especially for children's books.

Come visit to get hooked on reading!

Sand Collecting
I am a second-generation rockhound who got into the hobby of sand collecting some years back. Then I inherited my father's collection of rocks, minerals, and of course sand which I am still storing through years later. One of these days it will get cleaned up completely.

I am always happy to chat with others who are similarly fascinated by sand collecting.

becassine [dot] net
A book-related site focused on the Franco-Belgian comic character Bécassine, the earliest female comic protagonist.

If you have never read any of the bande dessinée (Franco-Belgian comic books) featuring her, she is similar to the American children's book character Amelia Bedelia. She is from the provinces and misunderstands how things work in the Big City. This causes her to be a perpetual state of misadventure. The drawings in her strips are simple but effective.

Practical Hitty
A book-related site focused on Hitty: Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field. This children's book was first published in 1929, and won the Newbery Award for children's literature in 1930.

This book was inspired by a small wooden doll discovered in an antique shop by the author. Once the doll had access to ink, pen, and paper, she was able to write her memoirs from the time of her carving to a century later in that antique shop. She is last seen looking forward to adventures with a new owner once someone buys her.

Forgotten Dolls
A reference site focused on types of collectible dolls.

While I am not necessarily interested in modern dolls, I do collect several types of antique style dolls. I used to have quite a few actual antiques, but once my older daughter got big enough to be grabby with the pretty dollies, I decided that I would not forgive myself if any of the antiques got damaged after surviving for so long. The antiques got re-homed, and now what I have in my collection is much less breakable.

Better gnomes & gardens
I hear that the local kids call this house "the flamingo house" due to the number of lawn flamingos outside. We have an antique metal "flamingo crossing" sign to go with the flamingos, hence the name of the house and garden.

I don't have normal plants like the typical big-box six packs of annuals. My primary interest is weird plants. If it doesn't poke at you, hang off a tree or rock, or otherwise 'do something', I am probably not interested in it.

Save the flamingos
We are "those neighbours" -- we really do have an entire flock of Featherstone Flamingos in the front yard including the extremely rare Goldmingos which took me over five years to locate.

There is also a bunch of off-brand flamingos, but they are mostly for specific holidays.

Lawn flamingos are trying to repopulate lawns across America one lawn at a time. Your lawn may be their next target!

Have a merry little kitchmas
I have issues with flashing LED lights, so most of my holiday decor is vintage (i.e. does not blink, flash, jiggle, or change colours at top speed). From wreaths to food to a shiny green aluminum Christmas tree with a colour wheel, I am here for the kitsch.

If you like vintage decor, come on by to have yourself a merry little Kitschmas this year.

Stand-alone articles in the collective

I will be frank in saying that these articles simply don't have enough content to justify their existence as a stand-alone site. They will just have to live here until further notice.

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