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DeLorean -- an iconic classic car


vintage delorean classic car
Feel a sudden urge to drive a Delorean? If you have spent far too much time watching the Back to the Future Trilogy solely to catch sight of the DeLorean, you are probably a DeLorean enthusiast.

Do you already own a DeLorean? Or wish you did? How about that tough decision whether to keep it stock or Future-ize it with a Flux Capacitor and Mr Fusion?

If you are looking for yet another DeLorean goody to your already-huge collection, look no further. You may find even something you don't already have.

Come ride along with DeLorean's history

vintage delorean classic car

After two decades of ugly box shaped cars, John DeLorean jazzed up car fans with an incredible new vision. We were with him, so excited and eager, all ready to look and buy, all of us who missed the wonderful cars that had been such an important part of our lives.

His visions inspired us, and he dared to try the new exciting. His plans to gold-plate 100 Delorean cars are a prime example of this. John DeLorean touched on the potential promise of what personal transportation could and should be, the promise we have all waited for. After the treatment he received, however, he despaired of this ever happening in the future.

DeLorean milestones

In 1974 John DeLorean left his position as Pontiac’s chief engineer to found the John Z. DeLorean Company as the first step in developing his own vehicle.

By 1976, his prototype DMC12 has been assembled, and with the help of British Government loans, he is able to build a factory in Northern Ireland to manufacture his DeLorean.

Production begins in 1981, yet a scant year later over 2000 DeLoreans from the first run remain unsold.

Delorean specs

The DeLorean itself is highly influenced by the design of the Lotus. The chassis is unmistakably based on that of the Lotus with the V6 engine mounted between the chassis arms at the rear. This is balanced by the fuel tank and radiator at the front.

Basic stats



Body and chassis


Its engine is a V6 developed by Peugeot, all-alloy with a single overhead camshaft for each bank of cylinders. Unfortunately, the engine failed to provide adequate power to back the performance suggested in its sleek appearance.

Running gear

Special features

Delorean restoration

vintage delorean manual

Are you looking to restore your DeLorean?

Some may be lucky enough to find a mint-condition, garage-kept vintage DeLorean. Most of us are not so lucky however. Probably the most challenging thing about owning a vintage DeLorean is restoring it. Parts are difficult to find and can be expensive.

Keep this firmly in mind when DeLorean shopping, and buy the best one you can afford. It may cost more up front, but the time and money saved by not buying parts for restoration makes it worthwhile.

Where to find vintage DeLorean parts?

Anywhere you can. Try all the auto shops in your area, search on Craigslist, or ask all the classic car collectors you know. You might be lucky enough to find someone's secret stash of parts.

Also, I highly recommend acquiring the manuals for your vehicle. There will be a parts list inside which can be very helpful when figuring out which part just broke.

But what about the doors?

Ah yes, the iconic Gullwing doors. If your DeLorean is in particularly bad shape (or you just want to make your existing car similar to a DeLorean), you need replace the iconic Gullwing Doors. They define what makes the DeLorean cool and causes it to stand head and shoulders above the automotive crowd.

Warning: Don't try to be cheap by replacing the doors with standard doors. It's practically blasphemy.

Delorean collectibles

where we're going, we don't need roads

If it exists, you can probably find a DeLorean on it with a little shopping around. Some popular DeLorean-themed items to collect include Christmas ornaments, die-cast cars, and T-shirts! It is quite easy to find something for yourself or for the DeLorean collector in your life.

The Hot Wheels DeLoreans aren't necessarily the most accurate models, but most DeLorean collectors I know have at least one. They're a nice collectible to start your collection due to their small size and low price point.

If your budget is bigger, there's always the option of posters, action figures, even film props. Scale models always make for a nice display if you have space.

The films that popularized the DeLorean

Back to the Future The Back to the Future Trilogy brought the DeLorean to the attention of the American public and captured the imagination.

If you love DeLoreans or ever had an urge to make a DeLorean into a time machine and drive it 88 mph, you must see these films! The DeLorean appears in all three films in different incarnations from mostly-stock to Mr. Fusion version to "left in a mine shaft for years". (Spoiler: it is sadly destroyed at the end of the third firm.)

21 October 2015: Back to the Future Day!

Naturally, these films allowed for a huge amount of DeLorean collectibles to hit the market. You could have an entire collection of BTTF-related DeLorean merchandise!

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