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An introduction to eCrater


an introduction to eCrater
What is eCrater?

While many people have dreamed about starting their own online store, there is the nagging worry about how much it was going to cost in the long run. If you have been thinking about opening your own store, you should check out eCrater. This is a venue where you can open your own online store for free.

Special features of eCrater

eCrater is not an auction site, but rather an e-commerce platform where people just like you can open their own basic online store for free. At the base level on eCrater, there are no listing fees or monthly shop fees (unlike some other sites). You only pay when you sell something -- 2.9% FVF (Final Value Fee).

Tip: It's not worthwhile to opt for the higher-end advertising that is offered, for your information. Few sellers see any measurable difference in sales volume.

No listing limit

You aren’t limited on the number of items you can list. Once you have created your store, you will need to list your own products. List as much or as little as you like, and add up to ten photos per listing. There is even an option to import existing listings from eBay if you are currently selling there.

Categories and sub-categories

You may create your own categories and sub-categories, with up to 7 categories being showcased on your shop's front page. You can also mark listings to be featured on both your front page and the main page of each category.

Multiple payment options

You may accept several payment options in your eCrater store: Paypal, Stripe, even good old-fashioned personal checks, money orders, or cash on delivery! It's refreshing to have so many options for Luddite shoppers.

Promotional widgets

If you would like to advertise your store elsewhere, there are widgets available which display a selection of your products. You can choose between a small or large widget in three shapes (horizontal, vertical, or square). This widget displays in HTML/Javascript. A sample of the widget from my store:

Maintain multiple stores

You can even open more than one store provided you have a different email address for each store and unique stock to list in each store. This is an excellent option for sellers who have diverse items in inventory.

Active community forum

One of the best features of eCrater is the support network within the community forum. Take a few minutes to read the entire FAQ about the site before asking any questions. If you still can’t find the answers to your questions, the members and moderators of the site would be more than happy to help you.

Templates and branding

You should note that one drawback is branding. You cannot modify the template designs in any way. You may not use HTML in your listings, so your store will look like virtually everyone else's store. There are some basic templates available with a free store, with premium templates available for an additional fee. The basic template has a few colour options, a place for a front-page picture, and space for a small logo. The free URL for a basic store will be in the form but you can also use your own domain name for a monthly fee.

Visit eCrater to start your own online business.

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